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Dr. Toll believes the American health system is broken, slow, and has not adapted to modern times. Patients are often forced to navigate a confusing and fractured system of specialists. In our practice, we have developed an exclusive purposely limited panel of members that allows him to give each patient and their families the time and attention they deserve to maximize their health and wellness, coordinate care, and use new technologies to help make delivery of care easier and more convenient.

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Membership Benefits Include:

Chronic Care Management
Unlimited Primary/Urgent care medical visits*
Unlimited in-office labs, test, EKG
24/7 On-Call text Access vis our App
Longer visit times with no wait
Guaranteed same day visits(In office or Zoom)
Expedited access to affiliated specialist
Coordination of all medical care
Sameday nursing housecalls for sample collection
Monthly wellness coaching (diet/exercise/stress reduction/ emotional wellbeing)  
Physician Housecall (4 per year)  
Overseeing home nursing or home caregiving services    
Family access to physician outside of regular office visits    

Prices may vary based on complex comorbidities, or other factors) We also offer family discounts for multiple people or couples joining. The above packages are for Non-Medicare patients. Dr Toll is a Medicare provider and does bill Medicare for Medicare covered services – we offer packages of Non-Medicare covered Services.


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